October 24, 2021

Can I Do Change Of Course After Post UTME?

Change of course

Candidates have been asking about the possibility of changing their courses and institution after registering for the Post UTME of another school. Well, I am going to answer the question in this post. In previous years, this wouldn’t have been possible because you can only change course or institution before post UTME but with the current admission process, this is now actually possible.

This is because JAMB allows you to change to as many schools as possible and to many courses as possible so far you meet the requirements for the institution and for the course.

So, the answer is YES! Changing of course never ends irrespective of schools. All institutions will continuously be allowing changing of courses even after the Post UTME and admissions given. Hence, it’s possible for candidates to change their courses before, during, and after post UTME.

However, there is an exception to it. Some schools will only allow you to change to them only if their Post UTME registration form is still on sale, and in that case, you will have to ensure you register for the Post UTME of such school before it closes.

So it is advisable to do it as early as possible to avoid a situation You may not need to waste time if you still want to change the course after the Post UTME. The earlier the better! This is because this trick may not work again as soon as the university starts compiling the list of admitted candidates for the year.

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