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2005 WAEC English Language Theory: Write a Story Ending With The Words – I Wish I Had Listened To My Father

Posted by on April 20, 2021 0

Write a story ending with the words: I wish I had listened to my father.

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I wish I had listened to my father, I wish I had listened to him


     I am in confusion and misery right now as I write this story. Will my father ever find a place in his heart to forgive me? I said this because I have offended my father so greatly that it will take a lot of effort to get his forgiveness.

      I am twenty five years old. I took a decision some years ago and now I live to regret it. I will live to curse the day I met Kingsley, the man who ruined my life. I come from a very good Christian family. a God-fearing one. I am the only child and daughter of my parents. Though we were not very wealthy. We were comfortable and morally upright.

      I had brought shame and disgrace to them with my actions that I now regret. If only I could turn back the hands of the clock, I would do things differently. I had just left secondary school at a tender age of seventeen and my parents were proud of me. They wanted me to go to a higher institution of learning and thereafter, live a good life. This was the dream my father had for me since I was a kid and now, he was ready to make it a reality.

      When I was about entering the university, my father would always advise me to be a good girl. It was around this time I lost my mother. It was so painful but I had to live with the reality of life. My Dad saw that he did everything he could to make me realize and actualize my mother’s wish that I should get married in the church. This was what I had in mind until I met Kingsley. I was still in the university one fateful morning when I met Kingsley.

      I was waiting for a taxi on this day when a car stopped beside me and I bent to see if the driver of the vehicle was someone I knew. To my surprise, I saw a very handsome young man smiling at me. His smile was so captivating that I fell in love with him immediately. Then he said “Hello” to me and I was lost in the beauty of his deep voice. My knees became weak and 1 would have fallen if the car was not beside me to lean on He told me his name was Kingsley and he was ready to give me a ride to wherever I was going. I didn’t even object. I just got into the car and he started driving. That same day, I ended up in bed with him. I fell head over heels in love with him. For me there was no looking back. I totally forgot all the advice my father gave me and my dreams of becoming a successful woman in life.

      My father soon noticed that I had changed as I acted absent-mindedly at home. To cut the story short, I soon found out that I was pregnant and Kingsley was responsible. I was shocked by the way Kingsley behaved when I told him this. He called me “a lying bitch and that I should look for the father of the “bastard” I was carrying. He also told me that he was married to a woman who was living in the United States of America with three kids. After that, he slammed the door on me.

      I could not face my father now and presently l am squatting with a friend of mine and I am eight month pregnant expecting to put to bed very soon. Anytime I think of the advice my father gave me and all his care and love, I regret my actions which brought shame and disgrace to him. I wish I had listened to him.

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